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25 November 2016 03:08
Hi folks,
I think I have encountered a bug concerning how reflections are handled by the webplayer and the viewer.

It looks like the viewer interprets the "Render World" option correctly, but the webplayer ignores it and always renders the world in the reflection pass.

Viewer - with reflection -> fine

Webplayer - with reflection -> issue, too light

Viewer - without reflection (control)

Webplayer - without reflection (control)

Not much of an issue for me because here I could set the world reflection to be black, so it does not affect the look; still I thought I'd let you know. ;)
13 November 2016 01:56
Thanks for the reply! :)

I see, I had also thought about using the rendered color but wasn't quite sure how to do it. It should work fine for the simple setup I had in mind.
13 November 2016 01:39
I actually got it to work with this node setup, incase anyone's interested. The shape keys can be driven by the current frame of the NLA timeline. It's sort of an ugly workaround IMO and will probably get much more complicated once I add more states, but at least it does the trick!

So yeah support for keyframed / driver-driven shapekeys would be great but at least it is possible. I'm really glad it works with blend4web! Great job guys!
12 November 2016 14:58
is this (or an API equivalent) still the only way to transition smoothly between shapekeys?

I have a model that should interpolate scale, texture and shape in a synchronized manner over time. I got the texture blending (keyframed value node that mixes two textures) and scaling (simple object keyframes) to work synchronously, but I can't seem to find any way to make the shape keys work with the same timeline. The logic node setup you developed makes my model change shapes, but I have no idea how to line up the timing to the keyframed scale and texture

I tried using shape key drivers because the release news stated:
"The shape key drivers can also be used if you prefer. "
But it seems like this is not or no longer supported, and has no effect in Blend4web. Keyframing the shape key influence directly also did not work.

So is there any way to align the shape key changes with the keyframed animation, via nodes or API?

I assume it could be done with the get_frame(obj, slot_num) method to calculate the weight for each shape key according to the animation's current frame? Then the shape key could be set with set_shape_key_value(obj, key_name, value)

Am I on the right track here?

Any input would be really appreciated, thanks!
11 November 2016 21:20
Hi folks,
I'm new to blend4web and really enjoying it so far!

I ran into a small issue and can't seem to find a solution to it anywhere.

In blender internal, you can render "Shadows Only", so the model becomes transparent and only the shadows it receives are visible.

I want to replicate this in blend4web so my simple environment map background remains visible behind a transparent shadow receiver plane.

So I thought I could use the lamps' shadow output to drive my material output, and while it yields the desired result in the blender viewport, blend4web ignores it:

Any ideas? Is this even possible with blend4web?

Thanks :)