User posts Isselnord
18 November 2015 14:42
Hi all,
I'm very new to Blend4web, but I really appreciate this tool, and the results are fantastic.
So I've purchased the Blend4Web SDK Pro version to have full access to all functionalities.

We are in mind to use the Webplayer to show our 3D contents, but we want to customize the control panel of the webplayer itself, leaving all the buttons related to social network connections (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and also adding a brand new control panel to add some functionalities and interactions with the 3D model.
My questions are:

1. Is it possible to customize the control panel?
2. is ti possible to add a new customized control panel?
3. is it possible to interact with my 3D content via HTML5 buttons?
4. is it possible to obtain a HTML5 output without the embedded 2D control panel buttons and external CSS and js files more understandable and friendly?

thank you in advance.