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08 November 2015 11:59
Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your reply.

There are no collisions with walls at all. I have tried the settings that you have mentioned but without any luck.

Also, we have another issue, you can see the paintings descriptions text on top of the walls (You will see that once you export the file to JSON and view it in the viewer). Is there anyway we can have them hide behind the walls when navigating between rooms?

I have attached the Blender file for your reference and a screen shot of the text issue. Is it possible to have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,
04 November 2015 10:30
Hi Roman,

I'm not able to configure the camera to stay inside the room, the physics of the objects are not stopping it from getting outside the walls. Please see attached.

I followed the instructions in this article: but it didn't work.

Is there any extra setting I am missing?

Thanks again for your help.
20 October 2015 08:58
Thanks Will, that was really helpful.
19 October 2015 21:45
Thanks for your reply Evgeny,

I guess we can wait till end of the month for the 15.10 release.

In the meantime, can you link to a resource that explains how to convert textures from NPOT to POT or how to use POT textures?

19 October 2015 17:41
Hi Roman,

This is John, I work with Dany on the same project. Thanks for your help so far, really appreciated :)

Referring to your last comments about the texture. The walls are one big box object that have the same texture and it is set to Repeat under "Image Mapping". In fact, all textures images mapping for the Floor and Marble Border are set to repeat (see repeat.jpg).

When we run the exported JSON file in the Viewer, we get some part of the Walls, Floor and Marble Border texture rendering properly and some parts not. (see 3DMuseum-JSON.jpg). When we render the image by pressing F12, all textures load properly (see 3DMuseum-Blender-Render.jpg).

Is there any extra setting we need to adjust to get the texture rendering properly for web?

Thanks for your help in advance.