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20 September 2017 23:56
Thanks Will.
It's great! I tested the "teleport" function with the little button is working fine.
I have now to study and understand how to interact with the logic Nodes and the
custom JavaScript callback node you mentioned.
14 September 2017 00:20
Exactly: we need a "teleport" to move the relative position so that I could move my VR viewpoint
in the space.
I see this example
where hitting a "hotspot" you could move trough the exibition.

12 September 2017 23:32
Thanks Will
I read your Post about logic nodes:
the The Move Camera node is the one I would like to "trigger" by hitting an object with one of the controller lasers
12 September 2017 00:15
I try the VR example from the code_snippets on my VIVE on Firefox 5.5 and it works great!
Well done.

Now I would like to use the VIVE gamepads to "SELECT object" like I did with the
B4W LogicNodeTree: where I use a SwitchSelect node to intercept a "SELECT object" action
and than I link it to a MoveCamera node.

Are there B4W LogicNodes that interacts with the gamepads?