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06 January 2017 08:55
OK Thx I will try to change this and will give a reply.

Ok I have changed the probperty to Object but it have the same result.

Is there a hint how i can programm the connection like they would bild with a node editor ?


Option Generated has worked looks not so good but i can handle this many thx
05 January 2017 17:10
Hello I have the same issue i try with python to create an object and add an material with a texture

bpy.ops.mesh.primitive_plane_add(radius=r, view_align=False, enter_editmode=False, location=(0, 0, d['int_levels']))
layer_plane = bpy.context.object = "LAYER_PLANE"
layer_mat ='MAT_CONNECT')
layertex ="Layer_Texture", 'IMAGE')
img ="D:\pyhasse\mis-dev\hd3d-viewer\layer.png")
layertex.image = img
layerslot = layer_mat.texture_slots.add()
layerslot.texture = layertex
layerslot.texture_coords = 'GLOBAL'
setColor(layer_plane, layer_mat, connection_color[1])
The setColor is a function that made last steps but not the necessary one the point is the part where i ad the texture to the material

In Blender Render Enginers it worked fine but only in the fast preview i get no image texture on the objects what i have to change ?

Many Thanks for help
28 November 2016 17:19
Hello Lyubovnikov,

thanks a lot this would help me!

Have a nice day!
27 November 2016 19:37
Hello i am realy new at this Topic and I am deeply sry that I have at first such a stupid question.

I generated via Python a List of Spheres and they are connected via singles Meshes between each other.
Then I have created an Armature with bones that are placed and connected wirt the Spheres and Meshes.

When I now when go in the Pose mode in Blender the manipulatio of the bone changes correctly the Postion fro the Sphere and the Meshes. Now I want to manipulate the Sphere position in the Web environment and will achive the same result. How can i get this?

I have seen the bone API Example
but for a better understanding i need the blend file where can i get this or is there a example for my problem that i can use?

Kind Regards Markus