User posts Marcos
17 August 2017 21:08
It's working now! Thank you very much, Mikhail.
16 August 2017 17:58
Hi Will,

Thank you for your attention. Yes, I'm assigning the select switch node to the empty objects and the node inherit Material, i'm assigning the actual object.

I attached some images. link

The objects 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the empty. (they change the color of building facade on mouse click)
The actual buttons are Plane.098, Plane.099, Plane.100 and Plane.101.

Sorry for my poor english.
14 August 2017 16:55
I really liked this button creation technique for a user interface. It was perfect here in my project, but I'm having a difficult to assign logic nodes to these empty elements. I'm trying to use inherit material node to modify the color of an object..
How I can do this? Would it be possible only with the use of programming code?

04 July 2017 03:36
Well, I just found the answer to what I was looking for in that question:


My problem was to check the Dynamic Geometry & materials option in Rendering properties.

03 July 2017 21:20

I'm new to Blend4web. I'm running tests with the tool and one of these tests is trying to make the color change of an object . I use the material inherit node, but I'm noticing an activation error of some material flag. Here is the photo of the error or warning that appears on the node. Could you please help me with this basic question?