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18 April 2015 10:23
None of these are equivalent to the dynamic cubemap reflections that Three.js and Babylon.js can evidently do since WebGL supports that:

So is there *any* way to do this with Blend4Web to create a simple torus or torus knot that will prove the feature of using nodes to really reflect an environment? I've just about had it with the demos being yanked from the archives and now being paid products since I can't get a real piece of jewelry to reflect light delightfully at all using the Blender HTML export feature. Something about nodes and no mention in the manual that the cubic mapping is just fixing the bright sky to the top of the model permanently. Just very confusing! I'm working for a well financed jewelry in NYC trying to create WebGL product displays and I'm not sure I am at all comfortable with these non dynamic demo files to place one of his pieces into it before we pay $3K just to try it with real customer support.

Where is the torus knot akin to my above two examples?! Seems crazy not to offer that as a working demo file I can edit.
18 April 2015 01:36
Alas, scene file now missing, making it much harder for me to get up to speed with metallic materials:
18 April 2015 00:24
For the small non-SDK Add-on 15.03 in Blender 2.74 on Windows 7 64X, error upon install from .zip file and trying to activate it in Blender:

ImportError: cannot import name ‘init_validation’

See enclosed screencap of error. Once it gave another error first but can't be reproduced.

Blender tech support ticket using the Report a Bug button says it's not a Blender error. However upon restarting Blender and starting again I then noticed an initially different error:

"TypeError: OpenKey() argument 2 must be str without null characters or None, not str"

I'm following the install instructions here:

Will the full SDK install also allow simple export of an HTML file for web use, I wonder, assuming the big install might work?

EDIT: It installs just fine upon downgrading to Blend4Web 14.12 and Blender 2.72. Solved for now! Also worked for 15.01 and Blender 2.73 so I'm even up to the latest major version number.