User posts OskarSwierad
12 October 2015 17:33

Ответ на сообщение пользователя Alexander Romanov
You mean a feature like "Split Mode" -> "Restore" bound to a hotkey?

Big thanks for the rensponses and the bug report!
By flatten in 4. I mean calculating an average normal then setting it to all selected vertices.
12 October 2015 14:33

I paste what I sent through an e-mail and was asked to post here :)

During my work with your plugin, I encountered issues that could be resolved by adding such features:

1. An option to preserve (lock) normals when removing a adjacent loop.
2. Resolve problems after mirror & flip (all normals are "randomly" split).
3. When rotating a selection, allow for local coordinates. The screenshot show current behaviour: you can't rotate all normals by their own Y axis, for example.
4. Function for flattening normals, like you would normally do with (S)cale -> 0.0.

Thanks for a great plugin!