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10 January 2018 12:48
Ok thank you very much for your answer. I am sorry if my enquiry sounded a bit amateur. I am still in the process of researching stuff since most of these things are new to me.
03 January 2018 16:12
Hello everyone,

I am currently implementing a project where users will be able to interact with a spatial representation of an entertainment venue through webGL (for instance, select a seat or group of seats).

I am unsure on what happens with polygon counts; most "impressive" models out there are like this one, in the area of 3,000,000+

Would the performance for this on a modern browser (this includes tablets and smartphones above a certain size) for a user to interact with be adequate or too slow? Do you have a polygon count recommendation for best cross-device compatibility?

A friend of mine recommends something around 200,000 polygons but he has only used Unity and not really for web purposes.

After seeing one of your blog posts where there are several tests of Blend4web in comparison to Unity in regards of the WebGL standard would that mean that blend4web would perform great with let’s say something over a million polygons?

Any help or advice on tech specs will be most welcome! Happy 2018!