User posts Philip_Fong
27 November 2017 16:52
Similar concern over at, I am not promoting my service but I am a producer. I plan to create high quality virtual reality scene for business, I guess items will be converted to image is the only assurance to counter reverse engineering.
27 November 2017 07:07
Hi, I like to ask about the likelihood of someone reverse engineer the Blend4web html, I was told if it can be compiled, it can be de-compile, thanks.
27 August 2017 10:23
Thank you Juani,
Now, newbie will have the answer to transparent texture animation.
26 August 2017 19:56
Thank you very much Juani,

I saw you example and realized it had to be animated in material node.
So, I added texture into it (which is only sensible if we were to publish it). The problem with blender internal / cycle and now Blend4web is they don't match very well and no clear documentation about it, wasted two days.

Here is the file
26 August 2017 15:31
I don't do scripting, I am looking for the practical solution to deliver VR and if this software is the same as Unity when it comes to simple features, I will stop right here and let the company hire Unity programmer.
26 August 2017 15:23
Thanks, I am assisting a company to acquire the pro license.
26 August 2017 13:52
From the demo "made with" I saw transparency fade in and out but I tried the available options and nothing works? Is that for pro version only?
26 August 2017 13:47
Thanks, I put visibility to hidden.
19 August 2017 23:20
I see, thank you.
19 August 2017 21:12
Hi, can the Pro version disable menu at the bottom right? Thanks