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31 August 2017 17:54
Wouaw once again thank you for your quick answer Mikhail !
It's very clever how it's done ;)

31 August 2017 12:42
Hello every one,
I am looking to make an Electric Dipole Propagation Pattern as such :

I have seen the ramps exemple but is shows only a linear gradiant.

Could you help me to achieve that effect on the torus ?

Thank you very much :)
25 August 2017 16:54
Wouaw it's perfect !!!

Thank you so much Mikhail
24 August 2017 16:43
Good morning weblender :)

I need a similar shader for my project but the link is broken :/
Could you upload it once more ?

i created a new topic here :

Thanks in advance
24 August 2017 16:41
Good morning :)

I would like to mimic the shader from this topic :

There is a kind of fresnel on the borders and I don't know how to do it using blend4web.

Can you help me ? :)

Thank you, have a nice day