User posts Rickbischoff
16 February 2015 17:02
@Alexander Kovelenov ok great !!! thanks again !!!
15 February 2015 00:43
@Mikhail Bezzubikov thanks for the screenshot and @Alexander Kovelenov : thank you both for responding - I am learning as I go ..I am following your tweets and have subscribed to your YouTube Channel

2. question:
For a very long time I have only used and blogs
with these types of sites, I host my .css and .js files on
…will I be able to run (embed) blend4web this way also ?? or will I have to setup a Wordpress with my own hosting ??
- should I post this 2nd question within another thread ??

thanks again - looking forward to using this awesome technology !!

13 February 2015 03:03
excited to be learning this stuff !! I'm following the video, quite intently "Getting Started With the Blend4Web SDK "
..other then not having an "embed" folder for html (( @5:58 )) - I used instead: "blend4web_sdk_free\deploy\apps\webplayer"
is that ok ??

…continuing with the video - I tried to export as .html - I ONLY have "B4W Export"
- I do not have the option "B4W HTML Export"

thanks for making this available !!!!