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23 February 2018 02:50
Hello everyone.

I created a Starter Project using modern web tooling (NPM and Webpack).

It´s free to use.
Here is the link:

I wish it helps someone.
13 September 2016 13:39
I confess I never used the JS Callback node.
I'm guessing here. But it seems that your function need to be called get_hours and not get_hours_callback.
Cause get_hours was the Callback ID used on your blender file.
09 September 2016 20:35
You're welcome.

Glad to know that i could help you.
09 September 2016 16:18
Look at the module file (screenshooter.js):

There is a exemple of canvas_data_url usage.

You will understand it better.
08 September 2016 13:59
You need to create a function callback.
Then pick the data as parameter.
07 September 2016 22:23
First you need to register the module:
var m_main = b4w.require("main");

Then you call the method when the scene has finished loading.
07 September 2016 17:14
You could use the canvas_data_url method from the main module.

Then you can pass this data to a php file and use file_put_contents function to write the data string to a file.

Sorry for my bad english too.