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15 October 2014 19:37
Hi yuri, thanks for your reply. I have the following usage scenario:

- I want to have the web player to work in a single page application (AngularJS). I have a set of scenes that need to be loaded from a server. When I select a scene, I need to load the resources from a remote server.

I know that I can load a .json file, the .json file has references to multiple assets. I don't know if the web player loads those resources when it parses the .json file?

Keep in mind that we're in separate domains. I may run the app in localhost and connect to a server in a different machine.

Thanks in advance.
14 October 2014 00:42
Hi there,

I wanted to know if there is a way to have the blend4web engine load the scene .json file from a remote server. The examples are given in a static html file with a script source declared.

Thanks in advance.