User posts The_Moye
09 January 2018 14:41
Hi Alexander, thank's for the answer.

I'm using the 2.79.1 version to take advantage of the cycles bevel node, but I don't need it for Blend4Web, so I can use the official release.
And now Blend4Web works perfectly !
05 January 2018 20:20

Same problem for me with the 17.12.0 add-on version and a fresh blender 2.79.1 daily build (blender-2.79-95d83b9-win64).
I have the error popup "Addon is not compatible with "Windows x64" platform, even if I start Blender with administrators privileges.
And this message appear in the blender console window :

Can't load Blend4Web binary module, the cause can be tmp directory, which doesn'
t allow execution. Try to change it in 'Blender User Preferences' ('Temp' field
on the 'File' tab.
B4W binary error: exception text: 'DLL load failed: Le module sp├®cifi├® est int
serving at port 6687

I'm running Blender on Windows 7 64bits.