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23 September 2020 15:24 [ON MODERATION]

I am having the same issue where I cannot find Blend4Web available in my add ons. I have followed the instructions many times over but still no luck. I have reinstalled Blender. It is in its default location in the C: drive. The Blend4Web zip file is in the D: drive under a folder entitled Blender.

When I installed the zip file, this is the notification I am given:

Modules Installed () from 'D:\\Blender\\' into 'C:\\Users\\mcpol\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.90\\scripts\\addons'

I then save preferences, restart Blender, but in searching the add on list, it is not there.

I haven't got my File Paths Scrips set to anything.

Any help will be really appreciated.

I don't often install add ons and if I do it is usually just on After Effect. Apologies if I am overlooking something glaringly obvious.

Thank you
23 September 2020 15:14 [ON MODERATION]
Hi I am not very good at installing add ons most the time anyway, but I cannot find Blend4Web in the options of add ons. I have followed the instructions over and over again but cannot find it. I have uninstalled blender and reinstalled it, it is now in its default location in the C: drive.

The zip folder is in the D: drive in a folder titled blender. I am able to install the file, the notification to let me know it has been moved to C: drive, appears however I fail to find it anywhere on the add ons list (even after saving preferences and restarting blender).

I have not set the scripts to anything, I am unsure what to set them too.

I am grateful to anyone who might be able to help me with this.

I am using the latest version of blender as of writing this. Thanks