User posts ValerioFissolo
11 March 2016 19:35
would be great (for poor artists like me) have more logic input nodes as mouse event control or keyboard input
10 March 2016 04:54


Hi, this is my last minute entry but I hope you like it.
have fun!

18 February 2016 02:31
I've finish the model and i'm starting with shading.
good night
16 February 2016 14:10
ok, it works! thanks
16 February 2016 13:49
you're my hero!
16 February 2016 13:20
Hi, anyone have problem with ssao?
I set those parameters on a default scene and the result is "no ssao" on browser why?
16 February 2016 01:20
Hi, looks funny this contest!
I'm trying to do something great with b4w, I've started with this simple model, next step it's make the interior parts and with logic nodes explode and show them in my presentation.