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20 October 2015 15:37
Cool! Thanks for the help!
19 October 2015 21:15

So I can't figure out how to get shadows to appear either from .json file or html. I have multiple textured objects and a textured ground plane. The objects are all set to cast shadows, and the plane to receive. I have several spot light in my scene, and all are set to generate shadows. In the render panel I also have render shadows set to "ON". In blender I can see the shadows being cast while in "textured" view mode. But as stated they do not show when the scene is loaded. I also tried this with point lights instead of spot lights to the same effect. I've attached the .blend file for reference.

Thank you!
15 October 2015 22:22
Figured it out :). Thank you!
15 October 2015 22:05

So I have a scene set up that can be naviated in first person perspective. I have three textured planes with transparency as demonstrated here:

I have the billboard setting turned on. The problem is, depending on where I am relative to the planes, the transparent areas of the front plane will "block" the planes behind it. I've inlcuded two images: "good" - shows how the planes look from behind, and how I'd like them to appear. "Bad" - shows how they looks from the front and shows my problem

Thank you for any assistance!
09 October 2015 17:33
Hello again!

So I've saved out a normal map created with Bitmap 2 Material, and included a height map in the alpha channel in photoshop. Normal image is saved out as a .tga with alpha channel. I have alpha channel checked in the texture panel and the normal is functioning correctly. Parallax mapping is checked but I don't see any difference. I know I'm doing something wrong, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for troubleshooting. I can attach all necessary files if needed.

Thank you very much!
08 October 2015 19:20
Ah, thank you!
08 October 2015 17:53
Hello everyone!

So when I had originally downloaded blend4web I had no problems viewing my scenes as html or json files.

Today I created a simple scene with two objects with separate materials and a ground plane, I saved the scene into my blender directory and exported the .json file into the assets folder. When viewing the scenes however, none of the changes I made to the geometry appear in the viewer (ie: I create a box, then scale the box on a z axis, but in the viewer the box is shown without the scale.) I've tried creating multiple scenes, to the point of creating a simple scene with one object, and the changes made to the object after creating it still do not appear in the viewer. I've attached the .blend file and .json / .bin files of the simpelst scene I created.

Thanks for any advice on how to resolve this issue!