User posts _Yadoob_
28 July 2016 21:34
Awesome release, congrats to the team, the preloader is a nice thing to have
05 May 2016 17:59
Nice version, the JS <->Node tree will ease a lot the workflow ! keep it up !
29 April 2016 15:01

I've a first version of Le Ciel est bleu ready to share with you :

This is still rough and need polish
29 April 2016 14:59
Reply to post of user Konstantin Khomyakov
Check our latest RC 16.04. There is a feature you were looking for

Super nice ! I'll try that thank you, it'll surely ease my workflow
29 April 2016 14:57
The last one is quite impressive, well done!
15 April 2016 12:49
Thank you Evgeny, I'm glad this is coming soon !

But I have to solve the issue quite quickly so for now, I can do animation in javascript but I would like to know if reseting the global timeline with JS is possible with current version?

15 April 2016 00:27

I would like to launch Node Trees from Blender inside my JS script, is this possible ? For example, I've got a basic animation with vsibility/hide set within a node tree and I would like to launch it with a JS function.

If not, is there a way in JS to reset timeline and make the scene to play from 0 again ? I'm looking for a fast way to do so so I don't have to set a frame 0 on each object I have. I tried NLA but I probably miss something, console tell me that m_nla.set_frame() is not a function. I tried also the time module but can't figure what "callback" or "timeout" means.

Any help would be appreciate :)
15 March 2016 15:22
Thanks guys, I will check that, I've updated my SDK but I propbably copy a wrong "b4w.full.min.js" file when I created the folder.
15 March 2016 00:33
HI Ivan,

I appreciate your help, here's a link to download my project :
06 March 2016 18:41

In the json export of my scene I had this error :

B4W ERROR: Unknown keyframe intepolation mode: 9.986835479736328

I've put some of my animation in Constant Interpolation and the HTML export run smoothly but the json seems to not handle this interpolation. The issue is that I've lots of animated objects and can't figure which one is stuck in Constant Interpoldation so I could put him into Linear Interpolation. i've tried to bake animation on this scene but it still show the error Is there a way to force type of interpolation in the export?