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22 November 2016 19:11
why is it that when I try to save sample .blend files in the blender folder (such as pathfinding.blend) as a blend file in a project folder created by the project manager wizard, and try "re-export scenes", i get the error:

[WRONG PATH] C:\path\blend4web_ce\apps_dev\BJW-130-A\BJW-130-A.json C:\path\blend4web_ce\apps_dev\BJW-130-A\BJW-130-A.blend
Assets reexported

Thanks in advance
13 November 2016 05:52
Thanks to Evgeny Rodygin here is my very first deployed webgl.
11 November 2016 20:02
I reextracted a fresh copy of blend4web and all is well now.
11 November 2016 19:16
Problem computer has windows 7 and the No-Problem computer has windows 10.

Could that be a factor?
11 November 2016 19:06
On the problem computer I get the following error when i try "re-export scenes"

File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\python\lib\encodings\", line 23, in decode
return codecs.charmap_decode(input,self.errors,decoding_table)[0]

This is the case even after I unistalled blender and reinstalled it.
11 November 2016 18:41
Well I did succeed eventually on a different computer and by "saving as" in Blender (rather than file copy which may or may not be the related).
No errors on the 2nd computer.
Thanks again.
11 November 2016 18:03
I still haven't been able to make the project creation wizard work.
Could the following error be the cause?
If so, any ideas on how to resolve it?

AL lib: (EE) ALCmmdevPlayback_open: Device init failed: 0x80070490

Thanks in advance.
10 November 2016 00:03
Thank you very much for the welcome and clarification Evgeny Rodygin.
09 November 2016 19:17

* I have a simple trial blender file which is not the default box

* In the SDK interface I click on "Project Manager"

* In the popped up browser I click "Create New Project"

* I populate "Project Name" & "Project Title" with "BJL110"

* I check "Create Application Starter Files" & "Create Scene Starter Files" & "Copy Project Management Script" & "Bundled Project" & "Web Player JSON"

* I click on "Create Project"

* I click on "Back to projects"

* I click on "player: BJL110.json"

* The project shows up as a cube rather than the 3-D object that I had in the Blender

** Where do I go wrong?

Thank you in advance.