User posts aj710
19 July 2017 23:53
Is AR avilable only on blend4web PRO ?
13 March 2017 09:29
I had the similar error for setting an alpha factor. But after checking on force dynamic object the error got cleared but the alpha / the transparency is not applied to the object.
Can anyone help?
20 February 2017 10:18
Pavel Kotov,
How to make the particles move along the defined path?
31 January 2017 08:16
Hi I want to apply leather material to a luxury car's seat. Can anyone help me with it? btw I'm new to blender.
Thanks in advance.
03 January 2017 09:41
Hi !!
I'm currently doing a car model and I want to glow the headlight of it. I'm quite new to it, Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance