User posts aldine_jade17
29 November 2015 06:00

when i open my file it just hang on loading- 97% (Firefox) and when im on my phone browser nothing shows, while in chrome, it finish the loading but shows all white and says rats webgl hit a snag. what should i do ?

Attached herewith is my file in .html format that i need to open in my browser. please help. Thanks :))
08 August 2015 18:42

What I did is just change the objects inside the file. I don't change anything in the script or any code in their. but why the WSAD keys is not working ? while the arrows keys and mouse are working (left, right,up and down)
07 August 2015 21:24
ASDW is not working but my mouse is working . How to solve this ? please help ….
07 August 2015 18:47
where should I put the code? I don't get it Am I going to open a notepad and place the code there?
07 August 2015 05:45
I still don't get it :( the shadow.html that you gave @pavel does not shows shadow to me . I followed the video tutorial that you gave but still it does't work . The blender that I used is v2.75