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12 March 2018 21:48
Hi again,
thanks for the help with my previous project, i am now trying to work with the js callback function. I have a scene where i want to active a js callback to change the camera, however i keep getting the error that b4w cannot find the module "logic_nodes".
I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but would really appreciate the help! thank you
13 February 2018 17:34
This is what i get, i think hosting this remotely might fix the cross origin error, but am unsure
"simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1347 Failed to load file:///C:/Users/AMCG/Downloads/simple_app%20(2)/simple_app/assets/simple_app.json?v=_b4w_ver_17_12_0_: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https.
h @ simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1347
simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:3 B4W ERROR: empty responce when trying to get assets/simple_app.json?v=_b4w_ver_17_12_0_
f @ simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:3
simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:2010 b4w load failure
simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1880 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'shift' of null
at Object.g.update_scheduler (file:///C:/Users/AMCG/Downloads/simple_app%20(2)/simple_app/simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1880:245)
at Object.t.update (file:///C:/Users/AMCG/Downloads/simple_app%20(2)/simple_app/simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1329:131)
at d (file:///C:/Users/AMCG/Downloads/simple_app%20(2)/simple_app/simple_app.min.js?v=13022018092331:1650:378)"

EDIT: Hosting remotely fixed this, locally is still an issue, but it's a start, thank you very much! Just one more question, is it possible to change mouse cursor when hovering over a selectable object (using your JS workaround)
13 February 2018 17:00
Hi Alexander, thank you very much for the reply! I have tried opening the html example in chrome, and it isn't showing anything on my screen (appears completely black), which is strange as i've not had issues with other B4W projects. EDIT: after deploying project and trying the .zip i was able to get the html to work, but only in edge, Chrome displays the loading bar and then stops. Do you know why this might be? Thank you!
30 January 2018 21:24
Hi everyone, i am looking to have a new tab open whenever a user clicks on an object. I know to use a page redirect node for opening in the same tab, but is there a solution for opening a new one? I tried following but cannot replicate the results when i rexport the json from the existing blend file.
Thanks for the help!!