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25 December 2017 23:04
Reply to post of user Konstantin Khomyakov

it seems to me that the example you've mentioned utilizes simple planes with transparent textures

thanks for reply konstantin
its difficult for me to understand how to do it b/c i am new to blender can u make a video tutorial that how can i show it through transparent texture
18 December 2017 18:57
Hello guyz can u tell me how to show dimension of 3D model in blend4web plz tell me step by step i am new to blender
like this
12 November 2017 20:06
Plz tell me the procedure of applying dimesion like as shown below link and how to make button to change the color of the model same as shown in the link at the left bottom
12 November 2017 17:39
Ty bro u are awesome i have learn from your video that how to apply 3 or more different colour on same model but can u plz tell me how can i add dimension view b/c i want to add dimension in my model like this as u seen in image and i want to add these circle red,green etc logo to change colour of my model i have also attach my model plz check my model and tell me how can i apply these things sry my english is weak
10 November 2017 15:48
Hello Guyz i am new to blender and its is an awesome software to make 3d model and display it in website using blend4web i have problem i want tp add color changer like this here is the link link

can anyone plz tell me how can i apply this to my model that is attached
plz tell step by step i am new to blender
thanks in advance