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07 July 2017 14:33
Yes, plane receives shadows and the cube casts and receives shadows (It's the blend file default that project manager created).

I activated SSAO but in fast preview i can't change SSAO parameters!
07 July 2017 14:05
A last question a little off topic:

In fast preview the SSAO parameters are disable though i cheched SSAO option on render tab and shadowobject parameters.

Is there a reason?
07 July 2017 13:49
yet!…it'a miracle…

Thanks a lot for support….
07 July 2017 11:54
Yes, is an animated texture (a time node animates uv coordinates and i used a simply png image).

I didn't use Convert Media…I'll try!

But it's strange that the animations function in all browsers (also on iphone) apart on Chrome of my smartphone….
06 July 2017 19:43

I added a Entry Point node for run animation automatically and the animation starts correctly….

Every now and then chrome gives a mistake to the webgl library…Then I reload the file without errors!

i don't understand….
06 July 2017 15:56
Thanks for reply!

You talk of button for to change colors or all buttons (for animations and for change color material)…and you mean that buttons are too small? I have a huawei p9….i'll try your tests….

06 July 2017 12:29
another question on mobile devices debug:

I created a model interactive with simply keyframe animations activated in logic editor (play timeline or play Animation node).
Everything works well (Chrome, Safari, Firefox on iPad, Chrome, Safari, Firefox on PC, Firefox on Android) apart on Android Chrome browser (on my smartphone): the animations doesn't start…

I checked it with developer function of Chrome browser and there are only two warnings:

Where is the problem?

I attached only file html with model!

05 July 2017 12:30
Ok, simpler than expected!

05 July 2017 11:55
Hi at all!

One question:
is it possible activated automatic rotation when a self-contained html file is loaded?

I saw webplayer attributes but they are only for load a json file, or am I wrong?

04 July 2017 14:04
Reply to post of user Ivan Lyubovnikov
Hi all, actually shadows are disabled in the engine for the old iPads (before iPad Air) because of bugs and performance reasons.

Ah..ok! Thanks for reply….

Thanks at all, i understand…