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14 July 2016 19:10
I've seen this kind of thing on the forum but had trouble finding the thread.

• I'd like to have the camera animated (for example: simple rotation, or maybe more advanced like follow a path).

• When the user clicks the scene, they gain full control of the camera like a normally exported scene with no camera animation.

That's it, nothing more advanced than that. No need to return the camera to the preset animation or anything. Can anyone help me locate the threads that discuss this functionality, or let me know where to look so I can learn more and set this up?
16 June 2016 21:25
And another related question while we're on the subject – how would I control UV texture rotation also?
16 June 2016 21:21
Ok, how do I combine the location and scaling into one mapping node?

I tried Math and Mix nodes before the mapping node but no setup seemed to work. I also tried separate mapping nodes for location and scaling and while it did work, the two mapping nodes conflicted in confusing ways (the setup seemed inefficient).

Also, I need a little help understanding why Blend4Web works this way. It seems odd to hide the scaling ability in the "Multiply" setting of the Math node. What if I wanted to Multiply the integer for location so that Y moved exponentially, and not scale anything at all?
14 June 2016 19:40
I already know how to use the "separate RGB" node with the "mapping" node to animate UV texture movement. Is it also possible to animate UV texture scale?

25 May 2016 18:13

Reply to post of user Mikhail Luzyanin
It's really great looking project. Do you use any CAD to create this or it was made directly in Blender?

The entire project was made in Blender, start to finish. It was crafted specifically for WebGL display through Blend4Web software. I'm guessing even if we could have found CAD models for these items, they would have required extensive retopology to reduce complexity. So it's just faster to build everything in Blender first anyway, if possible.
25 May 2016 03:01
Just wanted to let the Blend4Web team and forums know that our very first 3D project is live! All 3D illustrations in this project are made possible by Blend4Web software. We're very happy with the results!

Supercharger Vs. Turbo

Many thanks to the Blend4Web team for helping us launch this first project. It was a lot of work but well worth it.
19 May 2016 03:03
is there a way to do this same thing using logic nodes?
17 May 2016 22:03
I've learned that in the properties panel there is a "do not export" option for entire scenes in the "scene tab" or individual objects in the "object" tab. Is there any option to exclude layers or groups from export?

I often have many objects on a layer within a scene that I need to exclude from export. I'm hoping there's a better workflow than setting export options for each object individually or moving them to their own scene.