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20 October 2016 17:00
Thanks. I can use b4w on my Jetson-TX1 now.
Great :)
20 October 2016 16:17
hi all,
I'm running Blender on a Nvidia Jetson-TX1 devboard. It's an awesome board with aarch64 ARM architecture.
Blend4web is only available for x86.
Is there something i can do for using b4w on arm aarch64?
06 June 2016 15:07
I can use blender on the nvidia cg now :)
06 June 2016 12:02
Hi all,

I'm running blender with optirun in command line for using the nvidia cg of my laptop.
If i open a blend file from the project interface in my browser (Firefox), another instance of blender is launched without optirun.
Is it possible to change this behaviour or do i need to create a script named "blender" which launch blender with optirun?