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18 November 2014 05:03
Damn! That´s absolutely amazing! That´s exactly what I needed.
It took me a while to realize that you even added a new example that explains everything perfectly,
(called "canvas_texture" for everybody else looking into this)
but this way I learnd a bit more about your code structure.
Thank you very much for this quick response.
I´m a big fan of yours :)

Cheers b0
15 November 2014 00:55
That would be to good to be true :)
Many props for this kind of responsiveness!!
14 November 2014 17:33
Thank you very much for the quick response.
It sounds very promising and I´m looking forward to the new release.
In the meantime I will stick with good old three.js.
Or maybe you need a beta tester ? :)

cheers b0
14 November 2014 12:41

I´m playing around with your great framework and now search a way to change the texture of an object (plane) dynamicaly after export just in javascript.. Is there aa way to use images that where not introduced to blender as a texture? let´s say a just take images from a local folder or from a remote server and change the texture on the plane evey minute?

I can access the exported objects texture filename and path like so:

var obj = m_scenes.pick_object(x, y);
var texture_filenam =[0].texture_slots[0]
var texture_filepath =[0].texture_slots[0].texture.image.filepath

but if I try to set them, nothing changes.
Is there an Api call I missed, or do you have any other idea how to handle this?
many thanks in advance,