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30 November 2016 08:34
Hi, Cesar Vega

I'm using FBX exporter to get all animation data, for now, only retrieve scence layout information from B4W.
Sorry for responsing you so late.

03 October 2016 18:18
Yuri, Thanks for your response. Someone had helped me to understand the bin format, I can use it now.

Maybe after I finished my current work (a small VR game), I can do sth for B4W.

Good jobs you guys!

01 October 2016 15:05
Hello, I'm a game developer and want to import b4w json/bin files into my own system, the json is readable and clear, but there is no document on the bin file format, maybe i can read from the b4w source code, but maybe you developers already has a document that can save me a lot of time.