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06 September 2017 05:32
27 January 2016 06:08
Great! Happy new year!
21 December 2015 02:16
Yes, blend4web is a real international family.
I copy the file directory tree deploy\apps and deploy\assets on the remote server, and all HTML can run Web3D directly in the browser.

etc. test/001test/deploy/apps/sunglasses/sunglasses_packed.html is very good.

JSON file on how to use the server directly browser Web3D?.

Json takes deploy\apps\webplayer to browse, is it?

Webplayer.html and webplayer_dev.html have what is not the same place, I use webplayer.html to show the effect of no material.

In addition, how to convert the JSON file to the HTML format?
20 December 2015 18:21
I'm sorry, I can't see the YouTube directly, but thanks to your help, I will work hard to learn this great tool.
20 December 2015 17:41
I am a novice blend and blend4web,I set up a remote server,Web Service use nginx/1.2.7, how do I upload the local Web3D HTML file to the server and access it?
How can I copy and upload directories and files to the directory structure to the server to run in the browser?
20 December 2015 17:20
Thank you very much for your help, has started to download.
20 December 2015 15:29
Link address is still shown to be the 15.11 version.
20 December 2015 13:11
My account is still in the 15.11 edition, where can I download the latest 15.12 version?