User posts boyleo
16 February 2016 14:25
Is it possible to animate 'Scale' of an object to get squash & stretch effect?
Like when a box drops from above and touch the ground,
it squash a few frames in Z-axis then back to normal.
If not, is there workaround to get the result?

I've tried animate the object itself or via a bone in pose mode, but 'scale' keys don't do anything in web player.
13 December 2015 06:57
Thank you.
12 December 2015 06:53
Hi, I'm looking for solutions to create interactive presentation and Blend4web is looking like a great tool.
However, the way I create my scene requires

- animating modifier parameters, something like generating objects along the curve with Array modifier, change the thickness of Solidify modifier, etc.
- animating multiple shape keys at the same time with custom properties defined in the armature.
- use vector graphics elements; svg.
- restrict camera movement so the composition is not destroyed by user interaction.
- play idle action in NLA while waiting for user input.
- change to another scene after user hit some keys.

I wonder if these can be done in Blend4web?

Can the simple logic - like waiting for user input and switch to next scene - be done entirely in visual programming interface?