User posts bumhyo
13 August 2016 21:42
Wow… You even fixed face's material !
Thank you very much !!
This will be very helpful to me!!!
12 August 2016 16:41
Oh!…. really sorry for my mistake…
I changed blender file's texture route..
And upload again as .zip file.
This is link!

Blender file

texture file

obj file (Just to be sure, I uploaded this file…)
11 August 2016 18:39
Thank you for your kind answer!!
I will try this again with your advice!
And this is my model.


10 August 2016 21:31
I’m a student and study 3D modeling for individual hobby.
Self-studying with books and internets, I have problems in rendering parts. Various renderers make me confused.
I really want to render on web browser, so I’m testing with blend4web.
But information about blend4web is really rare.
Anyway! Followings are my real questions!

1. I’m testing with Xna’s models, but there are differences between blender(blend4web) and Xna. How can I render same or almost same figure?
Difference shaders make this gap? I want to know how can I apply every setting like Xna in blender(blend4web)!

2. The left side of following image is my rendering result with blend4web using node editor.
How can I change models or setting to make more realistic? Comment please… (I want to make this model as realistic as possible.. But now, I think realistic ranking is like this.. Real>Xna>blend4web , So I uploaded comparison images…)

Any comment can be helpful to me! Please help me!..
Thank you in advance.

ps. Last image is the node materials that I used!