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29 April 2016 17:35
24 March 2016 11:52
23 March 2016 15:16

“Unfortunately, for now we don't support shadow output of the Lamp Data node. So, this is restriction”

23 March 2016 14:48
RT,我想做一个自定义节点材质,基本构成是light data 、geometry两个input节点。light data 中lamp选择为“sun”,然后将light vector与geometry中的normal做一个Dot proudut,再将value输出,并与light data中的shadow做multiply运算,再output。这个结果在blender internal render中是可以得到正常阴影的。最后将物体的导出选项勾选产生且接受阴影,然而在B4W网页预览中物体并未产生或者接受任何阴影,遂来请求帮助
11 March 2016 14:52
31 January 2016 05:31

Ответ на сообщение пользователя Mentalist
@cloudou A workflow that may work for you is:
Animate different empties to represent your camera views in Blender. Use Copy Transform constraints to attach your camera to the empties. Then you can keyframe the visibility (or influence sliders) of these constraints, and in doing so "hand-off" the camera between the empties.

Example setup: empty_handoff.blend

When you're done animating the empties and constraints (remember to Save As), you can bake the camera's movement.
Object > Animation > Bake Action
Remember to enable the Visual Keying option so that the effect of your constraints will be taken into account.

Example result: empty_handoff_baked.blend

The only drawback of a sudden camera hand-off is that if you are using motion blur it will blur between the huge leap the camera takes and look wrong. Currently B4W does not have motion blur, so don't worry about it. There is indication that motion blur is planned for the future, but by then support for multiple cameras may also be added. Anyway, this technique is something you can use for now.
It's so kind of you.Thanks a lot!
30 January 2016 07:04

Ответ на сообщение пользователя Mikhail Luzyanin
B4w suports only one exported camera, so if you want to switch between cameras like in films, you need to bake all cameras movement into actions using blender animation baker, then convert all actions into NLA strip and combine from them long animation chain in timeline in one exportable camera. If you look into the sdk examples you can see there the Petigors_Tale game. If you push Intro button you can see a short movie made using this method.
Thanks! I'll try it . And I hope B4W support multi cameras exported one day. I once wanted to use UE4(with matinee)achieve the goal ,but the assets and animations exporting doesn't seems to be very compatible with blender.
29 January 2016 17:22
Hi,I want to make a realtime cel-shading short film with multi cameras switching in the same scene (based on NLA),but the camera "marker" function in blender doesn't seems to work in B4W. And single camera may work in NLA by changing transform ,but that is too inconvenient。So how to switching cameras at the specific time ?
12 January 2016 17:56

Ответ на сообщение пользователя Alexander Kovelenov
Maybe your texture does not have alpha channel or so. Check blender/materials/alpha.blend file inside your SDK to see how this type of transparency is configured.
Thank you! I have found the cause of the problem: Ensure the "file - external data - automatically pack into"is checked.
05 January 2016 16:17
Hi,my english is poor. I'm just confused with alpha clip material。I should have made lowpoly leaves with .png textures ,but faild.