User posts Craig Riddock
22 July 2016 00:29
I've set up six images in the background images tab. left,right, front, back, top, and bottom respectively.

I have turned off all of the sky options in the world tab.

only getting a grey environment when I export to html

how do I get these to display in the 3d view port?
how to i get them to render as a static "world environment background ?

Thanks in advance
06 July 2016 20:55
Thanks Alexander, that has solved it !

05 July 2016 22:25
here is the blend file and the test tone I used
05 July 2016 22:18
I'm pretty sure there's probably just one little thing I'm not doing here.
I have made a test scene. The objective is to just add a background sound
using a speaker object. Seems simple enough but unfortunately I'm getting silence when I view the scene as an exported .html file.

I'm testing with Chrome, IE and authoring with Blend4Web v16.06.

The speaker is positioned pointing down in the center of the space xyz 0,0,5

Tried testing the sound in several formats and resolutions.
but seems like from what I've read , the preferred format is .ogg at 48 kh/16 bit. in this case, stereo,
which is what I'm using.

I ensured that AUDIO is checked in the scene tab and even turned on the dynamic compressor.
I ensured that Audio is un-muted in the viewer

I tested it alternately with the speaker behavior at all three settings( bg musci, bg sound, pos sound).

Still, no sound. Any help would be appreciated.