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06 May 2016 15:10
Did this ever get fixed? It's the main thing that stops me from being able to use Blend4Web.
21 November 2015 12:50
Hi there,

a) Load up the music / piano on iPhone ( prob other devices )…

b) Tap on a key ( works ).

c) Tap and drag from a key ( works ).

d) Either tap, or tap and drag on a key ( does NOT work ).

e) If you have previously tapped and it did not work, tap again on a key ( works ).

Any time you drag, it seems to not allow the next tap. Hope that makes sense when you try out the steps!
16 October 2015 09:49
Cheers! As the only coder on the project, it was both fun and challenging ( in about a 20/80 mix :) ) to deliver it.
16 October 2015 09:47
Hi Seb,

I think I read somewhere that scaling is uniform only ( no separate axis scaling is currently supported ).

I can think of some sample scenarios where I would want single axis scaling, maybe the Blend4Web devs can confirm that it's uniform scaling only and if they plan to change it in the future.

I'm not personally aware of any WebGL optimisation for having this, maybe their exporter only exports a single scale channel animation to keen file size down, although this would be better handled by detecting if all three scaling channels are the same in the exporter, and only then exporting a single channel.
15 October 2015 22:48
I'm a recent Flash coder myself ( started about 2 / 3 years ago, after dropping Shockwave 3D ), now dropping Flash for Unity 3D, and hopefully Blend4Web if the right project presents itself.

Here's the last project I coded in Flash, it was for the Lego Movie ( online desktop, free to play, used Flare3D )…
29 September 2015 18:14
Hi Yuri,

Yep, def something like that, if it was possible via Logic Nodes.

I've noticed a few issues with that demo…
- if you click on the side / top of the furniture, the drawers open. ( the solution here is probably to tag the side / top as selectable )
- If you drag the model from the front, drawers will open.

Other than that, cool demo!
29 September 2015 17:54
An option to not play an animation logic node, if the animation has already in progress, would be cool ( currently, an object would start playing on click - if the user clicks again when the animation is in progress, the animation restarts / jumps, rather than let the current animation finish.

Also, for the example of a door, it would be cool to be able to check the current animation frame using a logic node, so that a user could tap on it to open it. Only when the user tapped on it again would it close ( and repeat, for open again after that ).
23 September 2015 22:18
If you have a look at this website, and click on the anchor / annotation on the left ( which has the G logo ), clicking anywhere but the logo will open up the description, but clicking on the image won't.

Clicking on the image should also open up the description ( a user might have icons / small images only in the title, which they want the user to click ).

Note that, in the other anchor, which opens up to show the full Google logo in the description, clicking anywhere on the description ( including on the logo ) will close it, which is expected behaviour.

Quick edit - I of course forgot to post the links :)

Online link…

Blend file…
23 September 2015 18:01
Can't make it this year, but hopefully next year will be able to attend and have some drinks with you guys ( and to see who can drink more, the Russians or the Irish! :) )
21 September 2015 18:34
I was just thinking, if you had some support for the logic blocks ( in addition to your new Logic Editor ), even if it was a subset of them ( eg click, AND, play animation etc ), that might help get more people who are familiar with that style of interaction, to get on board at the Blender Conference and try out Blend4Web.