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08 October 2019 09:53
I dont know, but how you can move object while animation in KT? You can do this only exporting every frame from blender and do rendering. But in this case you have to make all calculation for every frame.
06 October 2019 19:55
Patricks , actually I wanted to get all the passes from KT via Blender2Kt render interface. I see that it is not possible at the moment. But at least we have couple solution. Thanks for the camera tip as well.
05 October 2019 05:33
hi all,

how do you change the export directory of blender2kt?

here is the problem that i got

Starting Scene Conversion
scene conversion done.
no export directory set in user default ——- this is the problem
will try temp instead: c:docume1stanmarshlocals1temp
couldnt read installdir value. is kerkythea correctly installed?

i want to change the user default export directory for kerkythea, so that i can carry it portably without installing kt on another machine. how to change user default export directory?

03 October 2019 14:22
have you tried saving it as scene textures? also, did you try saving as .kzx file?

Ive had the same issue you mention, it has gone away when doing those two things.
01 October 2019 17:43
Ive tried the ctrlclick-drag for selecting but it only seems to be selecting objects, some of which extend into the areas I wish to keep. Is there any way of having this select faces only and, if so, will it keep the UV proportions etc?