User posts eliin
09 April 2015 20:27
Hi there!
I'm a totally newbie on this and I have tried to follow the tutorial "creating an interactive web application". The problem is that when I open the html file - it's just black. I guess I'm suppose to open the main html file? (I'm using chrome). I also have tried to export the .blend file to a html-file and that one I can open in chrome, but I can't click on it (or nothing happen when I click). What am I missing? I have downloaded SDK free so I have used the files and script there but I can only open the file from blender when I save it to a .json and click in "Run in viewer", then it's opening in Scene Viewer but nothing happen when I click on the "interactive" objects. And I can open the example.html in chrome but then everything is black.
Sorry if my questions is to confusing!