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02 May 2017 00:09
Here you can see what I'm trying to achieve. Cant find a way to control material alpha animation.
01 May 2017 00:25
Hi kind sirs.

I was wondering if You can help me on this. I want to make object that is disappearing when i hoover mouse over it or click it. I imagine that click would be easier. How can i animate material to change its transparency? Or when object has two materials, can I make this object, to switch from mat1 to mat2?

Thank You for your help.
23 March 2017 13:07

I was thinking about it. Maybe animate objects, but that will give me limited control over size of a text.
Anyway thank you.
23 March 2017 12:14
Hi everybody!
I'm looking and failing to find information about how to switch off this menu :

Please help. Thx.
15 February 2017 15:33
Hi Guys.

I just started my adventure with blend 4 web. I have never did any programing in my life so I don't know how to start with this project.

What i need to do is to make interactive text in b4w. Where i can control the hight and thickness of a text just by typing numbers in a display box. Also, there will be some objects attached to the geometry of a text. Amount of objects will be controlled by the height of a text. For example if I will have letter 'L' of size 1 there will be just 1 add/object, if size 2 than 2 objects and so on.

Can You help me, direct me where i can find a tutorial or maybe some examples of thing like that?
15 February 2017 11:51
Thank You. I will check that out.
14 February 2017 15:52
Hi guys.

Quick qestion, is there a way that i can convert Java code in to B4W node system?