User posts FabKzo
26 November 2015 11:51
Tnak you , I'll test it asap
25 November 2015 11:35
Does someone knows how I can get camera altitude and translation speed to dynamically display it ( like flights instruments ) ?
24 November 2015 16:55
Nice video, thank you;
I'm happy to see I'm not alone to search such things; I've already made photosimulations/integrations on 360 photo/panos using cycles environment mapping ( which is not distorted when rotating) .
I've seen it's possible with blend4web example "forest in fire ", with environment mapping, but I can't manage the mapping of this texture (I don't know how).
I've made it with a cubemesh ,that's perfect: no distorsion at all. I've found a trick to get a good resolution texured cube , the .blend is downloadable there :fabkzo's panocube
24 November 2015 12:14
@WillWelker : can you confirm that your panos are mapped on a sphere, but not used as environment maps? I want to make something like that but without any image fisheye effect ( when you rotate it deforms the pano )
24 November 2015 11:36

Si besoin, je peux filer un coup de main également pour la traduction, à moins que ce ne soit terminé?

I can contribute to translation if needed
24 November 2015 11:30
I might have pointed it: it seems the freezes occurs with blenders autosave option (?), but no rpoblems with cycles or blender renderers; Else blend4web works great on another computer with the same file (debian7 64bits) …
23 November 2015 17:29
There's some meshes and textures; could it be made by refresh calls to image datas ?
23 November 2015 00:53
HI, the subject is in the title : does anyone have the same issue?
I can't predict when it would freeze for almost 10 seconds each time.

I use ubuntu 15.04 64 bits, not a RAM problem (24 Go ) nor a proc issue since it's not overloaded.