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19 May 2017 11:58
Sorry for the lengthy silence, but what are the planes for? Do i just set random small flesh colored planes around the environment?
12 May 2017 12:34
Pretty much the way the lighting is in the picture and the a bit of the gritty feeling with the camera. I'm somewhat new to this so any suggestions i would have to research on how to implement. I just looking for a bit of direction.
08 May 2017 06:29
I need some help and opinions on what to do next, as this is my first project of this nature. I'm trying to get the feel of attached image. I also attached the project. I look forward to your ideas.

Thank you.
20 April 2017 19:47
OK, I just figured out the movement portion, which was actually pretty simple. Just change the camera move style from target to eye, but now i want to climate the wasd controls and change the moving back and forth to the arrow keys and mouse scroll and eliminate the strafing.

Thanks Pavel, that seems to be it. Based on that is there a way to add the image to a specific location in my file in html file?

Here is my file.
19 April 2017 07:59
Hi, attached is a project I am working on. I am new to blend4web and have some questions. Firstly how do I view the environment from the camera I made in Blender? And next how would i add a picture to that frame that I can click on and it would take me to another link.

I appreciate the help, immensely.
11 March 2017 13:28
Nevermind, I just went through it manually. Again, thank you for the help. I will definitely be back.
11 March 2017 12:42
Thank you everyone. How do I get rid of the deltas without destroying everything.
10 March 2017 12:25
Hi, I am completely new to blend4web. I have created s scene in blender and when i export as an html, items are the wrong size and seem to be out of place. I have already checked the apply scale and modifiers box, i don't know what else i am missing. Attached is the project file.

Help Please