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08 November 2016 13:03
Duesy - 1930s Duesenburg Phaeton

Unfortunately I encountered some issues and wasn't able to complete my full entry in time. Even so, here's part of it:

html: link
zip: link

This is actually my first ever completed car model, and a lot of fun to make :) I even modeled an environment to put it in, but didn't have enough time to bake all the lighting (if you look deep into the reflections you can see a WIP version of it).

For full disclosure: I took the liberty of slapping a texture on the floor while packaging up the zip (after the deadline); hopefully that's okay.
02 November 2016 01:23
It'd be nice if there was a way to preview just a few objects at a time, rather like "local view" in blender.
As a matter of fact, one way to implement this could be to have it so clicking "Fast Preview" while in local view only exports the objects currently there.
29 October 2016 23:08
Ah, perfect! Thanks!

Though I am still curious if there's a rational behind using a b4w-specific property, rather than heeding blender's native hiding mechanisms..
25 October 2016 03:23
I was quite surprised when I "fast previewed" a .blend and found my object nestled in a pile of extraneous odds and ends from hidden layers.

I often use layers for things like keeping backup objects from before applying a modifier. Naturally, having those included in the b4w preview gets in the way terribly. I expected the preview to show the objects visible in blender's viewport and only the objects visible in blender's viewport. This would take into account hidden layers, hidden objects, and local view.

If I want to view all layers, I can easily press ` before clicking fast preview.

If there's a convenient way to prevent some objects from showing up in the preview, I haven't found it yet.
25 October 2016 03:13
With blend4web 16.9.2, the scene used for "fast preview" appears to be chosen based on the scene's name. E.g, a scene named with "A" will always be previewed, even if the current scene in blender is a different scene called "B".

IMO this is pretty unintuitive. I expected it to use the currently active scene (bpy.context.scene). If it's important to be able to have fast preview consistently pick a specific scene, then I'd vote for having a separate option, something like "preview scene".