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21 December 2015 20:01
as i understand, if i don't change nothing about viewer and other won't be a problem, the app will just open a browser windows with this file html created, without modify viewer or any other resource
21 December 2015 19:03
ops, sorry for my bad english..
i mean :
i've completed my Earth with node and redirect, now, i can use this file .html in my app project without problem ? or i need some kind of license ?
21 December 2015 18:04
there's any problem if i use the file exported with blend4web on an app ?
at the end it's always an html page, right?
21 December 2015 17:37
you are my hero !
really thanks..
so i must work with node, just creating item and adding to them action from node ..that's amazing.. really thanks again
21 December 2015 12:26
hello guys ! sorry for this post but haven't found nothing about that in web or maybe i'm just a newbie

i've done a little Earth model in blender for an App writed in java
that's my idea : i need an item over this earth, like a cone or a simple circle (like a position cursor up Italy, France and other zone) to use for action_button (open web page or use it for action method)
it's possible do that simply ?
i'v downloaded the package blend4web and addon, added it to the program ..
anyone can give me some advice?
really thanks
i'll attach a screen from my blender