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29 January 2016 04:26
Ответ на сообщение пользователя Yuri Kovelenov

Currently Blend4Web supports only uniform scale. You can probably try to achieve this using morphing or by overriding object's geometry.
Thank you for your reply!
I think override object's geometry may be the solution,but i don't konw how to use the method `
override_geometry(obj, mat_name, ibo_array, positions_array, smooth_normals)
`,especially the param "ibo_array", i can't find any more document about it, hope more specific demo or comment will be provided.
28 January 2016 14:15
The transform API only provide a function to scale object in all axis,if i want to just scale object in one axis,what should i do?
23 December 2015 04:41
I add a wire material to a cube mesh in blender,when i fast preview it,the viewer still show plane material.
Should i do some other configuration in blender?
Please help!
23 December 2015 04:25
If i want to copy a group of object,such as the parent object,i hope i can copy it's child object.
Is there any b4w api i can use to bulk copy parent and child objects? In the "objects" module ,i find the "copy" function, but "copy" function can only do one object copy,must i traverse all child objects and copy them?
Please help!
21 December 2015 15:04
i know there is a function called "set_outline color" in scene module ,however, this function will apply all outline anim with new color. in my task, i need to outline object with different color .
Any tips on where to start? Please help