User posts Ian Scott
08 January 2018 22:13
Used winrar and it worked, thanks :)
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08 January 2018 11:32
Every time I download Blend4Web CE 17.12.0 and try to open the zip file I get the following Windows error message -

Compressed (zipped) Folders Error
Windows cannot open the folder

I am using Windows version 10 and I have downloaded the file using Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Is it possibly the file size? is there a torrent available to download the file ?
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06 May 2017 12:06
Thanks, the link command puts the modules in the correct place and is much more convenient, I was never very good at rtm (reading manuals)
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01 May 2017 14:30
I have just upgraded to 17.04

I unzipped the blend4web 17.04 download and copied the projects folder from the old into the new.

My old projects did not work, looking at a new project, the html file included two extra modules -

<script type="text/javascript" src="..\..\src\tbn.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="..\..\src\libs\pako_inflate.js"></script>

Adding these lines to my projects, they worked as normal.

I guess that this is in the documentation somewhere but if you missed like I did then I hope this helps.
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23 January 2017 11:21
The video tutorial takes a look at two materials from the blend4web material library, using chrome and glass in a dining table scene.

The tutorial also looks at shadows and reflections settings.
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09 January 2017 14:44
A quick and easy tutorial that shows how to set up basic character controls following the steps in the blend4web user manual.

First person character controls give an alternative way of navigating and interacting with a 3D scene.
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24 December 2016 15:06
A new tutorial that uses both logic nodes and JavaScript –

Merry Christmas to the blend4web team, thanks for all your hard work (not forgetting the Blender team as well).

Merry Christmas to all people interested in blend4web, I’m really looking forward to blend4web developments in 2017.
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12 December 2016 12:50
Project Manager now has a text editor which gives a convenient option for looking at and editing project files.

The YouTube address of the tutorial is -

You can also access the tutorial at my website -
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04 August 2016 12:54
Reply to post of user Yuri Kovelenov
This looks like the beginning of something big.

1. Using blend4web to Export an Interactive Blender Scene (Dominoes) to a Web Browser No Plug-in Needed
Covers basic modelling, physics, logic editor.

2. Using blend4web's Project Manager to Upload a 3D Blender Scene (with Physics) to a Web Server
Covers project management: creating, reexporting, deploying.

3. How to Move an Object Up and Down in a 3D Scene in a Web Page Using blend4web Blender Tutorial
Covers the logic editor mostly, also setting up the background.

4. Character Animation Exported to a Web Page Using blend4web A Very Simple Armature Rig No Deformation
Learn how to do skeletal animation.

5. Using blend4web Logic Nodes to Move a Character While Looping Through a Walk Cycle Animation
Using the Logic editor to transform animated object.

See also the author's blog where you can download source files.
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