User posts ivanmarkovic
24 June 2017 00:05
Hello everyone. I removed social links buttons from webplayer by editing .html file in version 16, but I can't find it now. Please, help. I am using Ubuntu 14.04
26 May 2017 00:16
It appeared in Chrome 58.0.3029 on Windows 7. This is all I know, since my friend discovered it. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem myself. My machines are all Linux computers and the scene worked fine in Chrome, Firefox, Ice Weasel, Vivaldi. All that aside, I want to thank you for all the good work that you are doing.
23 May 2017 11:55
Sorry, my mistake.
22 May 2017 22:06
Thank you for the advice. Here is the file.
20 May 2017 14:50
How do I send you the file then?
20 May 2017 14:29
Here is the blend file (if it uploads after 3 days trying). My .blend file is over 30MB, (50) - so I can't attach it here.
17 May 2017 19:16
16 May 2017 12:13
Thank you for your response. It happens on several Windows machines, on various browsers. Yes, it is a simple html export
15 May 2017 21:18
The problem is that the scene renders perfectly on all of my Linux and windows machines, but the textures get messed up on friend's windows machines.
18 March 2017 17:12
How to add a watermark in simple turntable scene exported as .html by using either Blender or directly coding in .html?