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19 November 2017 16:57
Hello, thanks for the quick reply!

I had not exported my blend file. I went to the project server, found the copied Leap project and selected "re-export scenes". Opening it again showed the new changes I had made, which is great! But then again.. the copied leap project doesn't recognize my leap motion, since I put my hands over the sensor and they don't show up. On the code snippets, it works just fine. Any reason why it could be?

Thanks again!
19 November 2017 02:35
Hello Everyone!

I just bought my Leap and I wanted to test it with Blend4web so I could make some apps of my own.
I know Blend4web has a LeapMotion example so I ran it going to the SDK index, going to code snippets and choosing it from there. Runs perfectly.

The next thing that I wanted to do was to locate the .blend for the LeapMotion example, make a simple change, and see how it reflected. I found the .blend in blend4web_ce/blender/code_snippets/leap, opened it and simply changed the material of the ground, then saved. Sadly, I saw no changes whatsoever to the ground when running the example again.

So I thought that maybe I had to clone to the project to have it in the "projects" folder, so I did. However, running the copied project turned out to be worse since that one won't recognize the LeapMotion at all, my hands won't show up!

I was wondering if any of you guys could help me, I really want to make changes to the blend file to start using that example as the base of my project and learn a lot with that.

Anything could help, thanks in advance!
25 May 2017 00:07
Thank you to both of you for your answers. Looking at what you've done and the examples I was able to get it up and running to problem, even uploaded it online. Thanks a lot.
24 May 2017 01:28
Hello there everyone!
Let me begin by saying blend4web is fantastic, truly marvelous and can't believe the possibilities that this offers.

Having that in mind, I learned the basics and tried to do my first project.

Everything went great. To finish, I exported my test project from the project manager to a zip file, but here is where the problems began.

Immediately I opened the folder and double clicked the HTML file, to see it running, but saw nothing, it didn't open. Inspecting the HTML file I found this:


Which implies that it needs the scr folder and everything in it to run, I copied and pasted it from the blend4web folder in the applications, but still it didn't run.

So I decided to make a very simple scene on blender, just the default cube, and just export it with the export feature on blender. Naturally, it created a HTML file that ran no problem when I double clicked.

I started to experiment and created a simple webpage with an iframe and I wanted to put my creation inside this iframe, but when I reference the file inside the iframe, it doesn't load up. Decided instead just to make an <a> tag, to make a link to load the whole HTML file, but the link doesn't work, it always keeps loading but never shows the content.

With all this, I've got some really noob questions for you guys:

1. Why when I exported my project from the project manager, the HTML doesn't open when I double click on it? When I use the export feature inside of blender it works just fine.
2. How do I correctly add a project to an iFrame? I checked some of the tutorials here and they have the program running inside a iFrame no problem, but I can't get it to work for the life of me, nor I can make the <a> tag work either. What am I doing wrong?

I'd like to do something like what you can find in here : link
Where the app seems to be inside an iframe no problem.

Any help would be extremely appreciated, since this is rather urgent.

Thanks in advance for your answers guys, you rock!