User posts Juha Saarinen
29 April 2016 20:01
Thank you Roman,

Your set works like it should. Now I need to sort out, what is wrong in mine. I did see few different thinks all ready.

I hope, that I get blend4web going and can help someone else in the future. Like you helped me.

29 April 2016 16:20
Sorry about that "object_anim" function. It is an old test.
29 April 2016 16:16
Here is my code (little part of it): I have made my own "cube object" that have object in cube_obj.obj and name in

  function main_canvas_click(e) {
   if (obj_clicked_name == {, end_function(), SLOT_HEILAHDUS);
    if ( {, end_function(), SLOT_HEILAHDUS);

  function object_anim(obj, anim_slot){, lopetus_funktio(), anim_slot);

  function end_function(){, null, SLOT_PYORAHDYS);

When I click "cube"-object it does only HEILAHDUS-anim and if I click "cube1"-object "cube1" do HEILAHDUS-anim and "cube" do PYORAHDYS-anim same time.

So its doing "end_function" but right away.

28 April 2016 16:15
Hello everybody,

I have just started with Blend4web and have little problem with animation. I'm trying to make animations play in a row. But I just cant get it to work.

If I just put two different functions one after another they will play in same time. Even with, finish_callback, slot) its seems to call that finish_callback() funktion right in start (not in the end like I assumed).

I have tried for and while loops with m_anim.isPlay() and m_anim.get_frame() functions, but same problem there. Loops keep going but frame number (and isPlay boolean) do not change while looping.

Any ideas how can I get this working?