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26 October 2016 09:06
edit, i mean, prewiew worked fine for me as well, but on original website it was not able to load.
26 October 2016 09:05
I never had problem with HTML export, JSON was, but it has been solved by limiting lights and switching shading to Multitexture.

Thanks anyway :)
25 October 2016 14:09
i was using old b4w version and older blender version and json+bin export was working via webplayer.
Well .HTML export had camera limits, but i was unable to put them into .JSON file.

Anyway, I'm using now both versions the newest, and I am not even able to load the file on webpage.
Mostly it freezes at random percentage.

Could someone please help me, or try it with my file?
Btw i found that in the newest CE version there is no uranium file in webplayer folder. (its eslewhere so i dont really know what to do).

If my question is really basic and you do know tutarial which would solve my problem, please share!

thanks for comin n replies!