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29 November 2017 22:38
i'm using eye camera when i access the 3d through my browser with my computer, when i access it via mobile devices i wanted to change camera style to hover camera, is there any ways to do it ?
03 July 2017 18:43
i do some customize in fast preview but the result is same :(
is it because i use environtment lighting and sun in one scene ?
or is it because i implement smooth shading rather than flat one ?
or is it because the setting of my material properties ?
or maybe there are another variable that makes my object looks like that ?
03 July 2017 18:21
the reason i ask that because when i use AO in the left one i get result that i want, as u can see in the picture when i not use AO the stairs is not too clear but when i check AO in the left one i get the result that i want, i also try to modify AO for but i get nothing, do you have a suggestion, what do you think ?

i also put the screenshot so u can see what is the difference

with AO disabled

with AO enabled
03 July 2017 18:02
i see, can i use the simple one to implement in my export scene ? because like u said it's simple to use for me
03 July 2017 17:48
please take a look, can u explain to me what is difference ?

03 July 2017 17:02
hi, my name is ken, i'm new i blender, i found that there are two AO option, one in properties object and other one in render object what is the difference of both option ?