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01 October 2015 22:31
Thanks. I was hoping for a way to do it procedurally with the new bone API, but I guess that can't really be done
01 October 2015 19:51
Is there a way to scale along an axis with the API? TSR and set_scale() only allow for a single number, but if I wanted to stretch an object along the Z-axis, how would I do that?

11 September 2015 19:41
That is helpful! Thank you!

For more complex shapes meshes I can see how it could it very messy, though.
11 September 2015 01:31
Is it possible to change the weight of a vertex group to a bone in the scene?

A hollow 1cm cube with a thickness of 1mm. I would like to make the cube 2cm but keep the thickness 1mm through the whole animation.
I think this could be done by having the interior vertex group be weighted to the bone as a function of the bone's scale.

In Blender, stacking the armature before the solidify modifier achieves this, but the solidify modifier is applied during B4W export.

If there's a better to way to maintain even thickness, I'd be open to that, as well.
08 September 2015 18:26
Is it possible to make a mesh/object within the scene downloadable? Or to export it as an STL or OBJ back to the server?